Residential Care Legislation Update

HB 658 Provisions for Voting at
Residential Care Facilities
For the November 7th, 2017 Constitutional
Amendment & Joint Election

The Texas Legislature recently approved a new method of ballot by mail that is valid only for the November 7th Election.  House Bill 658 (“HB-658”) provides an alternative voting process for those voters who reside at a Residential Care Facility (an “RCF”).  Rather than Dallas County’s Early Voting Clerk (the Elections Department) mailing balloting material to voters who apply to vote by mail, official election judges will: 1) hand-deliver the balloting materials to the voter on a scheduled day; 2) accept the sealed and signed carrier envelope (containing the voted ballot, inside the ballot envelope) back from the voter; and 3) deliver the carrier envelope to the EV clerk-Elections Department.  To participate, a registered voter living at a qualifying RCF must first apply for an absentee Ballot by Mail at:  For more details regarding voting at a qualifying RCF and what the process is, more information can be found at:  The Texas Secretary of State has published Election Advisory No. 2017-12 that details the information and process for this method of voting:

Below are important points and provisions regarding the Residential Care Facilities (RCF) program

  • Dallas County Election Department will start making visits to RCFs on Monday October 16, 2017.
  • HB-658 voting at RCF is a state law and is a ballot delivery system by the Dallas County Election Department.
  • The Early Voting Clerk will arrange for the ballots and balloting material to be delivered to a RCF with more than 10 beds and 5 applications to vote by mail.
  • The applicants and registered voters may vote the ballots and return to the RCF judges which will return the ballots to the Dallas County Early Voting Department.
  • If the voter has already mailed an application for ballot by mail to the early voting clerk, this ballot will be delivered to the RCF — pre-applicants.
  • If a registered voter at the RCF address wishes to vote they may complete an application for ballot by mail and vote that day — on-site voter.
  • The RCF judges will supply ballots, ballot materials, and supplies to assist with applications as needed for the RCF voters.
  • If a pre-applicant voter is not going to be present at the designated date and time the voter may complete and return a “delivery of balloting materials to a temporary location” form to the RCF administer.
  • If a voter cannot come to the voting station at the RCF, the RCF judges will deliver the ballot to the voters’ room upon request.
  • If a family member wants to be present when the RCF judges are present they must notify the RCF administrator in writing who will inform the RCF judges.