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04/1/2018May 4,2019 Notice of Joint Election04/01/2018May 4,2019 Joint Election Press Release09/26/20182018 Notice of General Joint Election07/24/20182018 Notice of Special Election for Lancaster ISD Election05/29/20182018 Joint Run Off Election Added Two Early Voting Locations Press Release05/25/20182018 Joint Run Off Election Press Release05/11/20182018 Primary RunOff Elections Press Release04/20/20182018 Joint Election Press Release04/23/20182018 Notice of Election for Primary Run Off Election03/30/20182018 Notice of Election for Joint Election02/15/2018PIA Request Form01/30/20182018 Notice of Election for Primary Election 01/20/2018Court of Appeals Pertaining Candidate Staci Williams12/04/2017New Voter Certificate Press Release10/18/20172017 Constitutional Amendment & Joint Election Press Release10/18/2017RCF-Points and Provisions Press Release English/Spanish10/18/20172017 Notice of Election for Constitutional Amendment & Joint Election07/27/20172017 Notice of Election for City of Rowlett Special Election07/27/20172017 Notice of Election for City Desoto Special Election05/16/20172017 Notice of Election for Joint Run-off 04/11/2017Absentee Mail Ballot-Press Release 03/30/20172017 Joint Election Press Release 03/30/20172017 Joint Election Notice of Election09/27/2016DCVRD-2016- Dallas County Voter Registration Day Press Release04/06/20162016 Joint Election Press Release04/06/20162016 Joint Election Notice of Election01/27/20162016 Primary Election Press Release01/27/20162016 Primary Election Notice of Election12/11/2015Did you receive your new 2016 voter registration certificate?10/26/2015Online Sample Ballot Tool “ExpressPass”10/09/20152015 Constitutional Amendment and Joint Notice of Election09/25/20152015 Constitutional Amendment and Joint Election Press Release09/18/2015National Voter Registration Day (NVRD) – September 22, 201507/20/20152015 City of Glenn Heights Special Election Press Release07/16/20152015 City of Glenn Heights Special Election Notice05/28/20152015 Joint Runoff Election Press Release05/24/20152015 Joint Runoff Notice of Election04/19/20152015 Joint Notice of Election04/08/20152015 Joint Election Press Release10/14/20142014 General Press Release10/7/20142014 General Notice of Election8/12/20142014 General Order of Election10/2/2014Mobile Stations to issue Election Identification Certificates (EIC)05/27/20142014 Joint Runoff Notice of Election05/08/20142014 Democratic and Republican Runoff Primary Election Notice of Election04/18/20142014 Joint Notice of Election04/02/20142014 Joint Election Press Release02/26/2014Didn’t receive your new voter registration certificate?02/05/20142014 Democratic and Republican Party Primary Election Notice of Election11/18/2013City of Grand Prairie Notice of Special Runoff Election10/13/20132013 Constitutional Amendment / Joint Notice of Election10/2/2013DPS Mobile Stations to issue Election Identification Certificates09/25/20132013 Constitutional Amendment / Joint Election Press Release09/20/2013New Photo ID Law Press Release – Effective Immedidately09/20/2013National Voter Registration Day (NVRD) – September 24, 201309/18/2013Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) offices will be open on Saturdays in order to issue Election Identification Certificates (EIC)05/28/20132013 Joint Runoff Press Release04/21/20132013 Joint Notice of Election

Date Notice
04/05/2013 2013 Joint Election Press Release
10/18/2012 Straight Party Voting in Dallas County
10/12/2012 2012 General Notice of Election
10/1/2012 2012 General Election Press Release
9/21/2012 National Voter Registration Day
5/18/2012 Notice of Acceptable Forms of ID
4/25/2012 Notice about birth dates on voter registration certificates
3/12/2012 DOJ Rejects new Voter ID Bill