November 3, 2020 Election Participants Page

This information is reference page only for the Participants Meeting scheduled for July 21,2020- If anything else needs to be given to you  it will be added to this page. Any questions regarding this information please let us know;
Esmeralda Garcia 214-819-6346 –


      1. AGENDA
      2. November General Joint Election Information- (Normally a Pink Sheet)
      3. SOS November 3, 2020 Election Calendar
      4. Entity Contract – DRAFT
      5. Attachment- A- Cost is Currently under review
      6. Attachment- B- List of Early Voting Polling Places
      7. Attachment- C- List of Election Day County Wide Vote Centers
      8. Attachment-  D- List of Appointees as Deputy Early Voting Clerks
      9. Attachment- E- List of Election Day Judges and Alternate Judges
      10. Attachment- F- List of Participating Political Subdivisions that will hold election.
      11. Attachment-G- List of the Participating Political Subdivisions & Ballot Details
      12. Voter Information CD Request Form
      13. Contract Change Form
      14. Court Order Breifing2019-0460- Referring to New Equipment
      15. Student Worker Application
      16. Working at the Polls Interest Form
      17. Proclamation from the Governor to extend Early Voting Period.


Dallas County Elections Department
1520 Round Table Dr
Dallas, TX 75247