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Ivotronic Voting System


Quick Guide for Using the iVotronic Touch Screen Voting System


Video Demo of Ivotronic Voting System

Straight Party Voting on an iVotronic: If you select a straight party selection box, the screen will highlight all of the candidates on the ballot representing that particular party. If you vote a straight party ticket you may still manually make selections to an individual race. Any manual selections made will be retained even if you choose to change your straight party selection. Meaning if you choose to change your straight party selection, any race where you have made manual selections will not change to the new selected party. This gives you the ability to choose a Straight Party and adjust individual races if you chose to do so.

M100 Voting Machine Video – Coming Soon
Straight Party Voting on an Optical Scan Ballot: You may cast a straight-party vote (that is, cast a vote for all the nominees of one party) by darkening in the oval provided to the left of the name of the party of your choice. If you cast a straight-party vote for all the nominees of one party and also cast a vote for an opponent of one of that party’s nominees, your vote for the opponent will be counted as well as your vote for all the other nominees of the party for which the straight-party vote was cast.
ES&S Voting System

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