2015 Voting Precincts

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In September 2015 multiple redistricting projects were completed that happened throughout the year. The Districts that have changed include the City of Grand Prairie, Irving ISD, Grand Prairie ISD, Cypress Water District, Wilmer Municipal Utility District No. 1, removal of a dissolved Water Control Improvement District 6 and cleanup of sliver zero registered voter precincts. Dallas County currently has the original September 24, 2013 ordered 797 whole precinct boundaries and in accordance with the above mentioned redistricting, Dallas County now has a total of 1456 sub-group precinct boundaries.

              • 2015 Voting Precincts District Listing (Whole and Sub Precincts) [Excel]


              • Voting Precincts [PDF, 34×44]
              • Voting Precincts with U.S. Congressional Districts (Interim planC235) [PDF, 34×44]
              • Voting Precincts with Texas House of Representatives Districts (planH358) [PDF, 34×44]
              • Voting Precincts with Texas Senate Districts (Interim planS172) [PDF, 34×44]
              • Voting Precincts with State Board of Education Districts (adopted planE120) [PDF, 34×44]
              • Voting Precincts with Justice of the Peace Districts [PDF, 34×44]
              • Voting Precincts with Commissioners Court Districts [PDF, 34×44]
              • Voting Precincts with Dallas County Community College Districts [PDF, 34×44]
              • Voting Precincts with Independent School Districts [PDF, 34×44]
                                • Voting Precincts by City
                                • Voting Precincts by Independent School District
                                • Voting Precincts by Special District
                                • Individual Voting Precincts with Streets and Address Ranges

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