About Dallas County Elections

Mission Statement

The mission of the Elections Department is to conduct reliable elections and accurately maintain voter registration records for Dallas County’s citizens. Uphold the laws, policies, and court decisions of federal, state, and local jurisdictions. Commit to excellence and competence by maintaining the highest level of knowledge and expertise in the election process. Maintain public confidence in honest and impartial elections. Provide equal opportunity to participate in the democratic process. Responsible for just and equitable treatment to the general public, elected and appointed officials, and county staff. Maintain a positive role in community relations by being accessible, informative, and receptive to both individual citizens and groups. Protect the public’s interest from manipulation for personal or partisan gain while respecting the rights of all. Maintain a productive and efficient operation through a well-managed election environment through actions and communication. Maintain the highest level of integrity in performing all duties of the electoral process. It is therefore understood, that nurturing and protecting Democracy is a team effort in the profession of voter registration and election administration.

Meet Your Elections Administrator

Michael J. Scarpello
Elections Administrator, Dallas County

Mr. Michael Scarpello, Dallas County Elections Administrator, effective December 7, 2020. Mr. Scarpello has 20 years of experience in elections services and management, having previously served in Nebraska as the Chief Deputy Election Commissioner & Elections Manager from 2000 to 2007, in Colorado as the Director of Elections from 2007 to 2011, in California as the Registrar of Voters from 2011 to 2018, and most recently in Arizona as the Vice President of Election Management Systems.

Mr. Scarpello holds a Juris Doctor from the University Of Nebraska College Of Law and a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.
Mr. Scarpello has been a member of the Nebraska State Bar Commission where he was Bar Certified and National Association of Election Officials certified as an Elections Administrator.

“I am honored to be joining Dallas County as the new Elections Administrator,” said Michael Scarpello. “I look forward to working with the County’s elected officials and administrators, community leaders, and the elections office staff to formulate and implement an innovative new plan that builds upon the great work of Toni Pippins-Poole and that improves the election office’s operations in order to provide exceptional service to the citizens of Dallas County.”

The Dallas County Elections Department has 52 full-time employees and over 5,000 election workers during major elections, with an annual budget of $6-$8 million. The Elections office typically contracts elections with 47 entities, which include political subdivisions and vendors. The county has an official population of 2,368,139 and is now the ninth most populous county in the U.S. Dallas County is the second-largest county in the state of Texas. Its county seat is Dallas, which is also the largest city in the county, the third-largest city in Texas, and the eighth-largest city in the U.S. Dallas County is the most populous county within the metropolitan area and contains the largest of its principal cities. Dallas County to date has 1.4 million registered voters.