Joint Election Saturday May 7, 2022

This information is the reference page for the Participants in the May 7, Joint Election meeting that is scheduled for January 20, 2022.  If anything else needs to be given to you it will be added to this page or emailed to you. Any questions regarding this information please let us know by emailing us at,  DCECommunications@dallascounty.org ;

  1. May Joint Entity Presentation
  2. Election Information Sheet (Formerly Known as Pink Sheet)
  3. Entity Contract-DRAFT
  4. Vote Center Closure List – COMING SOON
  5. SOS-Election Law Calendar
  6. Student Worker Application
  7. Entity Voter File Request Form
  8. Photo ID Information
  9. DC-2022 Calendar of Elections
  10. May Election Statistics
  11. Election Training Schedule- COMING SOON
  12. Election Department Contact List
  13. SB1- Provisions

To request a CD with a list of voters for your jurisdiction please email- DCECommunications@dallascounty.org