Product and Services Cost

Voter File Requests:

Type of File Request Fee
Voter List $
Voter List with Voter History $
Walking List $
Ballot by Annual Mail Report $

Central Count

Ballot & Seal Certificates $
Ballots Cast $
Chain of Custody forms $
Election Result Tapes $

Maps- GIS Media

CD/DVD/FTP $1.00
Mail/Shipping (Based on actual cost) $2.00 minimum
B/W 8 ½” x 11” (Color add $1.00) $5.00 per map
B/W 11” x 17” (Color add $2.00) $10.00 per map
B/W 17” x 22” (Color add $4.00) $15.00 per map
B/W 22” x 34” (Color add $5.00) $20.00 per map
B/W 34” x 44 (Color add $6.00) $25.00 per map
Hard Copy Maps Black and White Print, (34” x 44”) – Pre-Printed $5.00 per map
Hourly Rate for Custom Maps: $95.00 – Computed in 15-minute increments, plus media costs as listed. (See additional information below.)
Custom GIS mapping and data analysis for planning purposes is available for $95.00 per hour with a ½ hour minimum charge. To consult with a mapping specialist and to place a request for a custom map order, please contact the Dallas County Elections at (214) 819-6347.

Please know in order to request any of the above items you must submit a PIA request – Public Information Request by visiting the link HERE.